Our Services

Our Thinroot 360 framework is fabricated purely to enhance consumer experience which will in turn create business value propositions for our clients.


Digital Strategy & Consulting

Well, what is a business without a strategy? At Thinroot, consulting and strategy is of utmost importance as we call it the first and the most diligent step towards transforming our client’s business. A strategy signifies a plan of action which would digitally transform the business from ‘as is’ to ‘to-be’ while staying perfectly in sync with our client’s business goals.


Digital Development

We can create a platform that is leading edge in terms of design and will amplify the scale of business by satisfying customer requirement which is constantly evolving.


Data & Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the traditional ways of making decisions. With the modern age data and artificial intelligence models, the possibilities are limitless. The digital platforms that we would craft are by and large data centric. This favors the consumer to make an informed decision as well. A win-win for all!


Digital Products & Contents

THINROOT create a customer centric digital products thru digital strategy, creative design, technology, enriched digital contents and right marketing appraoches.


We love to work with innovator(s) who want(s) to build the digital eco-systems for their customers as well as to the world.